Investing in creative technology for good

MeshMinds is an impact investor in creative technology for good, founded by independent producer and media and technology lawyer, Kay Vasey; co-founder of leading digital agency, UltraSuperNew, Marc Wesseling; and creative technologist, Dean Reinhard.

MeshMinds designs creative incubators, innovation challenges and dynamic multiple-speaker events. We create cross-disciplinary collaborative environments that enable rapid ideation, prototyping and commercial validation. MeshMinds funds and supports creative technology teams with scaleable ideas that have a good story.

MeshMinds is producing MeshMinds 1.0 – Singapore’s first creative innovation lab focused on Art x Technology for Good.

What is impact investing? Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside (or in lieu of) a financial return. (Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network )

Meet our Founding Team

MeshMinds 1.0

MeshMinds 1.0 is Singapore’s first lab focused on Art x Technology for Good. The inaugural lab will be held in Singapore. Artists will be offered the opportunity to learn Virtual Reality (VR); Augmented Reality (AR); 3D modelling and printing; and the Internet of Things.


Projects must have a strong focus on the development of people and society, concentrating on topics such as digital literacy, aging, diversity and inclusion, and cyberbullying.

Sponsors & partners

MeshMinds would not be possible without the following generous support:

  • Lenovo
  • HTC Vive
  • SGInnovate
  • ArtScience Museum
  • Autodesk
  • Info-communications Media Development Authority
  • PIXEL Studios
  • NAC
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