MeshMinds 1.0

MeshMinds 1.0: ArtxTechforGood

Technology is reshaping and redefining art and how it’s produced in new and engaging ways. Technology is also being applied for social and environmental development.

MeshMinds has partnered with ArtScience MuseumAutodeskHTC Vive, IMDA and Lenovo in Singapore to produce MeshMinds 1.0: ArtxTechforGood, a unique pilot programme that brings together homegrown artists and emerging technology experts to drive social and environmental impact. 

After learning about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and Internet of Things, our artists will participate in a collaborative showcase of immersive and interactive art at ArtScience Museum. Visitors will be invited to lose themselves in a series of interactive experiences using the latest technology from our partners to create their own virtual masterpieces, view art through the lens of augmented reality, transport themselves into 3D printed worlds and make soundscapes using their bodies.

Our artists have used Tilt Brush and Blocks by Google to produce installations powered by HTC Vive and Lenovo that visitors will be able to move through and interact with. For the first time in Singapore, artists will be 3D printing artworks created in virtual reality, modelled in Fusion 360 by Autodesk, connecting them to the internet using Intel Genuino technology and exhibiting them, so visitors will have the chance to interact with them both virtually, via Bluetooth and in real life. Using Unity and Vuforia, our artists will bring existing 2D and 3D artwork to life and create a site-specific engaging Augmented Reality experience focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet.

Exhibition opening 25th January 2018.

20 artists

Driven by cross-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation with technology

4 technologies

3D modelling & printing Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Internet of Things

4 months

The artists will work on developing their project from September through December


Angela Chong
Installation Artist

Installation artist Angela Chong has been creating fictional realities in her installations. Using light projections with found objects to present the presence of absence in dark enclosures, she entices her audience to question the emotional attachments between the object and its owner, in the context of personal history and site-specific darkness.

Benjamin Low
Interactive Technologist

Benjamin Low is an interactive artist and technologist and graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts (SIN). He is interested in the creative aspects of technology, and how technology can be used in innovative and novel ways from scientific art pieces to interactive multimedia installations

Debbie Ding
Visual Artist & Technologist

Debbie Ding is a visual artist and technologist who studied Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London (UK). Her work is occupied with technologies of production and perception. Works take the form of computer-aided investigations into the spatial and cultural histories of archaeological sites, historical events, and the urban built environment.

Dawn Ang
Multi-disciplinary Artist

Dawn Ang, the soul of Aeropalmics, is a Singaporean multi-disciplinary artist best known for her steadfast attention to detail within her pencil and papercut pieces that range from the pleasing to the macabre. The LASALLE College of the Arts graduate finds inspiration in the Everyday through private reflection, focusing on the nuances of the human condition coupled with references to the natural world.

Steve Lawler
Multimedia Artist & Designer

Steve Lawler, the man behind Mojoko, reacts to the bombardment of bizarre images of today’s culture by creating various mutations and different view of the glossy yet undeniably trash pop world. Born in Iran, raised in Hong Kong and educated in Europe. He attended the prestigious FABRICA school in Italy. His artwork is multi-faceted and innovative – curation, installation, interactive design but also fine skills, such as painting, collage and drawing.

André Wee
3D Visual Artist

André Wee is a 3D world builder, illustrator and visual artist who graduated from the RhodeIsland School of Design, RISD (USA). His works are primarily a reaction to the displacement, alienation and in-betweenness experienced between the constantly changing landscapes that he has lived and moved around in. He finds inspiration, obsession and calm in creating spaces both real and imagined, physical or digital, logical and impossible.



Ashima Thomas



Clair Deevy

Head of Economic Growth,

Facebook Singapore

Dean Reinhard

Head of Creative Technology,

iris Worldwide

Honor Harger

Executive Director,

ArtScience Museum

Karim Blasi

Creative Director

Trinax Media

Kay Vasey

Technology Lawyer,


Lionel Chok

Creative Technologist,


Marc Wesseling



Michael Lints


Golden Gate Ventures

Roy Koo


Ignite VR

William Hooi




Calvin Soh

formerly Chief Creative Officer,

Publicis Asia

Enrico Furlan

Architect and Manager,

The Cracking Art Group

Meri Rosich

Innovation and Business Transformation,

Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc