MeshMinds – Opening Party!

Posted on January 15, 2018

'Acoustic Turntable' by Chong Ming En, LASALLE College of the Arts (c) MESHMINDS


Opening on the evening of 25 January at ArtScience Museum, ‘ArtxTechforGood’ presented by MeshMinds will showcase the results of four months of collaboration between over 20 Singapore artists and technology experts. Visitors to the free exhibition can expect a host of interactive and immersive experiences built around VR, AR, 3D printing and Internet of Things.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing convergence between art and technology. Tech companies in the US have been sponsoring artist-in- residency programs to tap into artists’ creative thinking skills and create more human-centric content. MeshMinds is paving the way for collaborations of this nature to take off in Singapore and the region, by introducing artists to new technologies and supporting them to create prototypes and innovations.

MeshMinds artists underwent a mentorship and workshop program to empower them to create a new piece of content using the technology of their choice. Prior to the program they had no or little hands-on experience of the four technologies offered by MeshMinds. MeshMinds has appointed a panel of thought-leaders and tech company experts. Mentors include senior leaders from ArtScience Museum, Facebook and Autodesk. Tech and supporting sponsors are HTC Vive, Lenovo,
Autodesk, IMDA and SGInnovate.

The participating artists range from fine art students at LASALLE right up to established artists who have showcased in galleries and museums around the world. Artists were given complete creative freedom, the only mandate being that the output should focus on the sustainable development of people and our planet.

Visitors to the eight-day family-friendly show will gain an insight into the behind-the-scenes process that led to the creation of the interactive exhibits. Guests will be able to experience stories told in virtual reality, view art through the lens of augmented reality, transport themselves into 3D printed worlds and make soundscapes using their bodies. Through their work, artists have explored subjects such as digital literacy, health and wellbeing and conservation.

Inspired by Singapore’s rapidly changing landscape and presenting a potential new way to preserve physical spaces, illustrator André Wee has created a series of 3D printed landscapes that can be experienced in VR. Says André Wee, “As art becomes less and less static, incubators like MeshMinds remove barriers to entry for artists like myself to apply their skills to a new medium. VR is a perfect storytelling tool and I’m seeing more and more demand for artists to use VR as their canvas. It has been a very rewarding experience and I’m excited to see a new breed of artists emerge.”

Says MeshMinds founder and producer Kay Vasey, “The intersection of art and technology is an exciting place to be right now and there’s a real demand for platforms like MeshMinds that bridge experts from both disciplines. Through MeshMinds we are paving the way for a new breed of creative technologists to emerge in Asia and use the power of technology to produce real benefits to society.”

MeshMinds has already secured an exploratory collaboration with The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley to do a second showcase of key pieces from the show and there are plans to tour the show to other Asian markets such as Japan
and Thailand, and to create a global consortium of thought-leaders in art and tech.

Please register for the opening party: Facebook or Peatix.