meSch Technology Helps To Enhance Museum Exhibition Experience

Posted on September 6, 2017

meSch Factsheet: Material EncounterS with digital Cultural Heritage

meSch (Material EncounterS with digital Cultural heritage) is a 4-year EU funded project with the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites: curators will be able to offer visitors new interactive experiences by means of material interaction with smart objects. The project, which started in 2013, is coordinated by Sheffield Hallam University and consists of twelve partners, partly from European countries.

In this project, meSch aims to design, develop and deploy tools for the creation of tangible interactive experiences that connect the physical dimension of museums and exhibitions with relevant digital cross-media information in novel ways.

Curators, artists, designers and cultural heritage professionals are ‘incubated’ in this platform to create smart objects which are enriched with digital technology, and build intelligent spaces which embed sensors that react to people, spaces and smart objects. Visitors will be able to experience and witness the content or behaviour of the object and space, with an application/software/prototype.

Here is a video of meSch technology tools and its potential:

With thanks to Mohamed Fadhil Bin Mohamed Nasser.