In conversation with Benjamin Low, Interactive Artist and Technologist

Posted on August 23, 2017

"Border Memorial: Frontera de los Muertos" by John Craig Freeman

Benjamin Low is an interactive artist and technologist and graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. He is interested in the creative aspects of technology, and how technology can be used in innovative and novel ways from scientific art pieces to interactive multimedia installations.

What are your dreams of how emerging technologies can change the way we make and enjoy art?
Emerging technologies give rise to new possibilities for creating and enjoying art. The invention of the video camera brought audiences to the cinemas. The Internet is helping artists communicate their art to the masses. With new technologies evolving, we have new ways to express ourselves, and to celebrate the human connection through art.

How do you think digital art has the power to change the world?
Digital art has the unique challenge in that the medium itself is fluid and changing all the time due to how digital art platforms are rapidly evolving. It has the potential to be at the cutting edge of technology and artists can take the lead in exploring the ethics and societal effects of technology in general, by co-opting it as a medium for their art to hold a mirror back to itself. This can spur public discourse on how technology can be used for good.

Who is on your Art x Technology inspiration radar right now?
I am interested in how augmented technology (AR) works and how it can be used in art. ArtScience Museum currently has an AR exhibition at the basement, guiding visitors through a virtual rainforest to educate them about nature conservation. It left a lasting impression on me because the experience was seamless which means that the technology has reached a certain level of maturity. The artwork was beautiful and I could tell a lot of effort went into it. Best of all, it has real world benefits for the rainforest, raising funds and helping in reforestation.