How is Virtual Reality technology changing the way we make and enjoy art in Asia? Spotlight on Aimi Sekiguchi.

Posted on July 6, 2017

Cross-disciplinary art and technology projects are pushing the boundaries of artistic mediums around the world. We endeavour to share with you how emerging technologies are changing the way we make and enjoy art in Asia.

Art x Virtual Reality :: Aimi Sekiguchi

Aimi Sekiguchi is a Japanese artist who uses Google Tilt Brush and the temporary imaginary reality it offers to create cutting edge virtual reality art. Delve into her world where she fuses Japanese and Asian culture with technology to create immersive VR art and performances.

“VR has the potential to break down the barriers of art. Sculpture, painting, architecture, set design and games all seem to collide in this new space. With the development of tech such as the Tilt Brush, where viewers can immerse themselves in art and even build it around themselves.” ( Simon Fenton, Head of Games, Escape Studios)

“More so than any other medium, VR has the potential to transform how we, as voyeurs, look at art. This technology questions the boundary that exists between the real and the virtual, but it also has the ability to break down the barrier that exists between the spectator and the work of art. Once you’ve donned a headset you’ll find yourself transported to another domain, one that will stimulate you to feel fear, amazement and wonder all at the same time. The work of art is no longer just an object to contemplate on the wall of a gallery or museum, but it is one that we can explore and become part of.” (Charlotte Lee, Assistant Director of The Lumen Prize)