How is Augmented Reality technology changing the way we make and enjoy art in Asia? Spotlight on Tamiko Thiel.

Posted on July 9, 2017

Cross-disciplinary art and technology projects are pushing the boundaries of artistic mediums around the world. We endeavour to share with you how emerging technologies are changing the way we make and enjoy art in Asia.

Tamiko Thiel is a Japanese American media artist who specialises in “exploring the interplay of place, space, the body and cultural identity”. Three of her works were shown in the “WINDOW ZOOS AND VIEWS” augmented reality public art exhibit as part of Digital Art Week in Singapore in 2013.

“Artists are highly creative people and the world really needs good ideas as well as a more social approach. We try to provide an answer to the question: “How is what we do of benefit to the society in which we are operating?” We think this should be more a question that businesses should be asking themselves. The future needs fewer companies who are “profit first, prosperity second” and more social entrepreneurships that embrace social needs as part of their business model.” (Arthur Clay, Artist and Curator)

“With every element of AR, there is a  need for a creative individual– also known as an artist. Someone with the imagination to make things like a two-dimensional image come to life or figure out a way to teach anatomy to medical students.” (Christina Rodríguez, co-founder of EXPO Collective)