What is MeshMinds?

The MeshMinds Foundation is a not-for-profit arts organisation that is focused on enabling sustainable development through creative technology. Our vision is to tackle global challenges from an Asian perspective. Our mission is to connect artists with the world’s most socially responsible companies to work on immersive artwork and experiences focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet. We offer each artist the latest technology, training and mentoring to push the boundaries of their medium. Every year, we showcase the most impactful, immersive experiences at leading venues across the world. Our main areas of focus are:

– Enabling the UN Sustainable Development Goals through creative technology;

– Promoting private sector sustainable impact investments that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals;

– Promoting innovative technology solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change and pollution;

– Promoting public awareness for sustainable consumption and lifestyles; and

– Exploring win-win situations for private sector engagement for sustainable development.

Asia VR/AR Impact Lab is the Singapore-based not-for-profit research arm of The MeshMinds Foundation. We are a network of leading academic researchers, content creators, technology companies, impact investors, science museums, and cultural institutions based in Asia focused on measuring the impact of Asia VR/AR content. Our mission is understand the engagement, empathetic response and behavioural changes linked to VR/AR experiences focused on social, ecological, and economic challenges.

MeshMinds Studio is an emerging art and technology studio. We specialise in harnessing immersive and interactive technology, such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, to maximise engagement, empathy and action. Our consultancy services: immersive, interactive and impactful content creation; engaging digital environment installations; and managing creative innovation accelerators. We have created high impact projects for Esplanade, Tax Free World Association, SGX, and SkillsFutureSG.

MeshMinds.com is a curated marketplace for the future of creative work focused on global challenges. We connect socially responsible companies with our curated community of artists, creative technologists and research scientists. We support opportunities to collaborate with our community to create immersive and interactive artwork and experiences that promote sustainable consumption and lifestyles.



Both MeshMinds Studio and MeshMinds Digital Marketplace are services owned and managed by MeshMinds Pte Ltd (UEN: 197500312H), which is in turn owned by The MeshMinds Foundation Ltd (UEN: 201823295R). Our services help to fund the Creative Innovation Labs and R&D activities of The MeshMinds Foundation.

Kay Poh Gek Vasey
Chief Connecting Officer

Kay Poh Gek Vasey is co-founder and Chief Connecting Officer of MeshMinds. Prior to MeshMinds, she was an international technology lawyer focused on content licensing. She has significant experience advising a real-time data analytics company and is an investor in three startup technology companies across the recruitment, event marketing and ride-hailing sectors. Whilst Head of Arts at The British Council, she spearheaded ground-breaking artist-in-residence programmes between Singapore and the UK and took the lead on the Memorandum of Understanding with the Singapore International Foundation. At MeshMinds she heads up all partnerships with socially responsible companies wishing to commission new work or install existing work by MeshMinds Artists. She is passionate about the power of human connections to enable positive action for a better world.

Dean Reinhard
Chief Technology Whisperer

Dean is the co-founder of MeshMinds and The Tech Cartel. He has a passion for making the world exciting through interactivity. With a varied background from architecture to enterprise software development Dean's short attention span and creativity has helped create a wide array of award winning work around the world.